Auditingby experts

Our company employs 5 full-time auditors. CONSULTATIO Kft. is in the top twenty of over one thousand five hundred auditing companies operating in Hungary and ranked by the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors.

The auditing of year-end and interim reports, whether prescribed by the law or self-initiated, is the primary activity of CONSULTATIO Kft. Our working method is based on the International Auditing Standards and continuous direct relationship management. Auditing tasks are performed in accordance with the Auditor’s Manual issued and applied by CONSULTATIO Kft. Our independent auditing process enables your company to operate according to the accounting legislation in force. Our regular participation in the continuous professional trainings ensures for you that the highest level of up-to-date professional knowledge is available during the auditing of your company. Besides, auditing companies are subject to quality control at regular intervals.

Our auditing services:


  • Audit of year-end and interim reports
  • Audit review of consolidated statements
  • Audit of IFRS financial statements
  • Project auditing (projects financed by the EU or realised from domestic funds)
  • Audit of transformations
  • Full review of companies
  • Monitoring of economic profitability
  • Audit of company acquisition and sale
  • Credit standing audit

Our specialists

[Translate to English:] Knapp József
Dr. Knapp József
registered auditor, tax expert, legal accounting expert
[Translate to English:] Stieber Tünde
Dr. Nagyné Dr. Stieber Tünde
auditor, lawyer, international tax expert
[Translate to English:] Takács Andrea
Takács Andrea
general and accounting manager, registered auditor
[Translate to English:] Pozsonyi Bálint
Pozsonyi Bálint
branch leader Debrecen, registered auditor

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